Representative Client List:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Athletic Department

Biology Department

Chemistry Department

Civil Engineering Department

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Engineering Systems Division

Media Lab

Sloan School of Management

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Lahey Clinic

Department of Housing and Community Development

Gloucester Housing Authority

Hamilton Housing Authority

Ipswich Housing Authority

Milton Housing Authority

Natick Housing Authority

Newburyport Housing Authority

Walpole Housing Authority

Wenham Housing Authority

Condomium Projects in Boston and Manchester-by-the-Sea

Private Residence Projects

Maine Projects in Center Lovel

Massachusetts Projects in Bedford, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Hamilton, Ipswich, Wenham,

New Jersey Projects in Pittsgrove

Beverly Hospital

Girl Scouts of America, Spar and Spindle Council, North Andover

Gordon College, Wenham

Kids' Connection, Inc., Hamilton

Triumvirate Environmental, Somerville, MA

Ward Hill Industries, Haverhill

Wellesley College